Our Dogs

Delrickbay Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are first and foremost reliable and loving family members with drive to work with their people at any task, no matter the complexity or degree of challenge.  Our dogs are not couch potatoes and enjoy plenty of exercise and play and will give you full effort to achieve goals.


Edenvalley Maverick McCoy RN, WCX, JH


Maverick was welcomed to our family in the fall 2010,  his "maverick" attitude and willingness to explore when his litter mates were less adventurous, won us over immediately.  He instantly became "Mav" and adopted us as his pack.  Maverick was a challenge to train but his drive and loyalty and eagerness to please always ended the session with some smiles and fun.  Maverick and Dean trained as a team and achieved a CKC WCX title and Junior Hunter.  Maverick was hunted over at 2 years old and quickly learned that he much preferred the real thing over hunt tests and made this clear.  Mav is a steady and trusted hunting companion who is as happy in a water blind as he is in the field hunting ducks, Canada geese and upland birds.  Maverick continues to impress, overcoming obstacles  of all kinds and retrieving birds up to 20 pounds.  When he's not hunting or training, Maverick is busy being "Mav" at home, which includes resting in the bed and being close to the kitchen action and being a general clown.  Maverick is very comfortable being the only male Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in the house and is happy to watch the girls do their things.  Maverick's happy place is when he's retrieving for our teenage son, hunting with the boys opening morning.


CH Kalmegess' Four on the Floor RE,WCI,JH,CD,CGN


Shelby is an energetic young girl who loves to be with her family. Shelby continues to be successful in the conformation ring working towards her Grand Championship. She also continues her path in rally, obedience and her favorite hunt tests. She is currently field training towards her WCX as she completed her WCI title in September.  Shelby achieved the recognition as the third highest ranked Toller by CKC for Rally in 2018 and is progressing well through Rally Advanced Excellent in 2019 ranked as the 4th highest Toller.  Shelby worked hard with Denice and was awarded her Obedience CD title in August of this year.  She has proven herself in the hunting blind and is an welcome energetic hunting companion.  Shelby earned her CGN certificate at six months of age .

She is dedicated to the task at hand and completes with full enthusiasm. 

Shelby is amazingly smart and loves to learn new games and be challenged while training. Most importantly she loves to be with her family and give lots of cuddles. 


GCH Oryxes More Bang for Your Buck RN (AM), RN,WC


Lira  has been nothing short of a complete pleasure to raise and see grow with a ton of confidence and a very loving and happy personality.  Lira is showing fantastic progress in training and is now working towards her WCI and JH for 2020 as she competed her WC this summer.  Training also consists of rally and obedience with additional titles to come in the near future.  Lira has set a very strong pace in the conformation ring as a puppy, achieving her CKC Championship at 9 months old and  her CKC Grand Championship at less than 14 months of age.  Lira is now focused on completing her AKC Conformation Championship and adding more titles behind her name. Lira is eager to mimic her other pack members and has been field training as regularly as possible, weather permitting.   We expect great things from Lira in the future and are very proud of her.  Lira will be a fantastic, caring mother in coming years  


CH Delrickbays' full moon rising


Glory is the daughter of Shelby and Buck (2019 litter).  She has an eagerness to learn and experience all this world has to offer.  She socializes very well with the grown dogs and has taken quickly to basic training.  Glory is a natural retriever with tons of drive and as birdy as can be.  Her swimming skills are very impressive and shows lots of water courage.  She has been shinning bright in the show ring placing under baby puppy with two best in breed finishes.  She has completed her CKC Conformation Championship at 10 months of age and continues her path to her Grand Championship with Denice.  Basic field training is to begin over the winter of 2020 with a goal of obtaining her WC and JH title in the summer.  We look forward to many successes with Glory as she has a bright future ahead and are very proud of her.


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